The Benefits of Manuka Honey and Essential Oils

The Benefits of Manuka Honey and Essential Oils

Manuka honey comes from the Manuka bush and was discovered on the North Island of New Zealand, but it is now grown in other countries as well. It is a sweet-smelling honey that is said to be a natural antibacterial for stinky staph infections, yeast infections, athlete’s foot, athlete’s and heel spurs, nail fungus, and in some cultures is used as a natural feminine lubricant.

Honey has many benefits. It is used in many industries such as the production of plastic, but most people know of its antibacterial and antibiotic properties. Manuka honey is made from the Manuka bush in New Zealand by adding the fruit of the Manuka bush to a beaker of hot water. Once the mixture has cooled, honey is added and the bees get started.

Once the honey mixture has been ready, it can be strained through cheesecloth and separated into several large volumes then packed with sterile, oil-based agar to release the essential oils. Once the honey has been processed into its essential oil form, it is packaged and sent to various sources around the world.

Manuka honey is one of the most popular types of honey in the world. It has been discovered to be effective against various types of viruses, bacteria, and fungi, so it can be used to fight many different types of infections. The honey is said to be an excellent choice of antibiotic for bacteria resistant infections. The antibacterial properties are said to help to kill or stop the multiplication of bacteria.

Manuka honey is made even more effective when it is combined with an essential oil. Here are the benefits that essential oils have over honey and others:

A combination of essential oil with honey has been proven to cure more infections than the honey alone, but it is not as effective as the pure honey. It works against certain strains of yeast, which is another common yeast infection, and so it is effective against Candida albicans. With all the health advantages of Manuka honey, there are a lot of benefits of combining it with an essential oil, but you will find that it helps your health in many ways.

The combination of honey and essential oil works great for your body and mind. The body loves the natural antibacterial properties and the essential oil will work wonders on keeping your inner systems healthy and fresh.

Honey has so many advantages. It is a natural antibacterial for yeast and can be used to cure many other infections. Make sure you try this combination of Manuka honey and essential oil and see how it can benefit your health.