Manuka Honey: The Secret Behind the Best Skin Products On the Market

Manuka honey has become a mainstay in the cosmetic industry as the leading ingredient for many skin products. It is used as a fragrance in perfumes, soaps, shampoos, and even to make facial creams. Nowhere else will you find such an assortment of solutions for your skin!

Manuka honey has been used for hundreds of years in New Zealand, it is one of the best-known ingredients for its antibacterial properties. This honey has also been used to help heal wounds and is known to help heal broken capillaries as well as hemorrhoids. Manuka is also known to have antiseptic properties and help the skin to heal. This makes it the perfect topical anti-bacterial treatment for cuts, burns, and other skin abrasions.

Manuka honey has also been shown to aid in the removal of wrinkles. It helps by strengthening collagen and elastin fibers. This makes the skin appear plumper and fresher. The more collagen and elastin that are released, the less collagen and elastin are needing to give the skin that firmness. When collagen and elastin levels become too low, the skin becomes saggy, wrinkled, and dry.

In addition to manuka honey, there are other beneficial ingredients in skincare products. For example, organic honey is popular because it is not clogged with toxins or can cause irritation. There are several natural ingredients in skincare products that are often marketed as “natural”. These natural and organic ingredients can sometimes contain harmful chemicals, but they are beneficial nonetheless.

Organic honeys are wonderful for treating sun damaged skin. The honey acts as a very effective sunscreen and is very soft and silky. When applied directly to the skin, it will actually absorb the harmful rays, so you don’t have to stay in the sun for hours. Because it is moisturizing, you don’t have to be concerned about wasting time in the morning before applying moisturizer or other skincare products.

Many natural oils are great additions to skincare creams, emollients, and lotions. Aloe vera is famous for the way it soothes irritated skin. It also has antiseptic properties and may also be used to treat burns. Geranium oil is a favorite among skin care users, because it is a very mild astringent.

The berries of a plant called blueberry contains a super-antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals. Even though this plant is rare, it is considered one of the most powerful plant antioxidants available. Blueberry can be used alone or added to skin care creams.

You may be surprised to learn that honey is used in skincare products, but you should take it as such. By adding manuka honey to your regular skin care regimen, you can boost your immune system and make your skin look younger longer.