Manuka – A Reliable Natural Cure for Scabies

Manuka for Scabies

Scabies is a very contagious skin condition that occurs due to infestation with parasitic mites. The mite responsible for causing scabies in people is a microscopic organism called Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis. Although there are many other types of mites that cause scabies in animals, they are not capable of infesting humans.

Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis can be acquired either directly, by entering in contact with infested persons, or indirectly, by entering in contact with contaminated objects. Once they find a human host, scabies mites climb onto the skin and hide in less exposed regions of the body. Scabies mites commonly infest the toes, feet, ankles, knees, the genitals, the buttocks, the upper back, elbows and wrists. Rarely, scabies mites can even infest the scalp and face.

While the first symptoms of scabies may occur within a week after acquiring the parasitic mites, the first clear signs of infestation can be spotted only after a few weeks. In the incipient stages of infestation, scabies generates symptoms such as persistent itching, skin inflammation and rash. Later symptoms include the presence of burrows in the superficial layers of the skin, blisters, pustules and even nodules. It is very important to avoid scratching, as it can lead to serious skin infections.

Manuka Honey- Treatment for Scabies

An appropriate medical treatment for scabies should be targeted towards eradicating the mite infestation as soon as possible. Nevertheless, the treatment for scabies should also ease the symptoms generated at the level of the skin.

Due to scabies mites increased resistance to topical creams and oral medications, many products that were successfully used in the treatment for scabies in the past are nowadays less effective in dealing with the mite infestation. In addition, many synthetic medications for scabies have various side-effects and are not well-tolerated by most patients.

Is Manuka Honey Worth It?

There are many natural alternatives to synthetic medications in the treatment for scabies. One the most effective natural cure for scabies has proved to be Manuka extract. This natural product can quickly eradicate the mite infestation and it can also alleviate the symptoms of scabies. While most synthetic topical creams may actually amplify the symptoms of scabies during the treatment, Manuka-based products can kill the mites and provide symptomatic relief in the same time. The antiseptic properties of Manuka can prevent the occurrence of bacterial infections, minimizing the chances of developing complications such as impetigo.

Scabies Treatment Help – Manuka Honey

Manuka-based products have no side-effects and they can be safely used by people of all ages. This natural remedy can be purchased under the form of oil, cream or soap. Regularly applied on the entire surface of the affected skin, Manuka-based products can effectively cure scabies within the first week of treatment, also minimizing the risks of second-infestation.