Incredible Healing Properties of Manuka Honey

How to Use Manuka Honey For Healing?

Manuka honey is a natural source of the “healing” substance called, “Lycopene”. It is actually a type of anthocyanin. It is obtained from a type of red honey plant and it is more useful than any other variety. It was found that the Manuka honey contains many health benefits.

The original sources of Manuka honey are no longer widely known. However, it is still found in New Zealand and Australia, however, this kind of honey is not used for topical application. It is also called “New Zealand Honey”.

The antioxidant properties of Manuka honey have been established by numerous researches. It contains the most antioxidants among all the natural anti-oxidants. It has a high level of carotenoids as well. This means that it contains pigments that protect the body from free radicals that cause damages to the cells. Also, it has got Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and the so-called omega-3 fatty acids, linoleic acid, and alpha-linolenic acid.

The antioxidant properties of Manuka honey were first tested and demonstrated in animals and many types of tests were done on various types of human subjects. The studies showed that it helped to lower the risk of various cancers and heart diseases.

Antioxidants play an important role in protecting the immune system. So, if your immune system is compromised, you need to get the Manuka honey to help you get back the balance of the immune system. The antioxidants have been proven to help with different types of cancer and to reduce the damage done to the body by free radicals.

The healing power of Manuka honey is another feature of this honey. It contains anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, which is said to be effective in treating acne, arthritis, ulcers, and even allergies. It contains a substance called “5-MMC” which prevents bacteria from binding with the receptors in the skin to destroy the healthy cells. So, the natural antioxidants in the Manuka honey helps to restore the natural balance of the immune system.

There are several studies about the effectiveness of Manuka honey. Some experts suggest the use of the Manuka honey not only for the healing process but also for the prevention of certain diseases such as cancer and heart diseases.

No doubt, the benefits of Manuka honey can be seen in many areas. With its antioxidant properties, it also protects the skin against dryness and redness. The Manuka honey also increases the production of collagen and elastin. Since it contains the highest levels of anthocyanins, it can help to treat different types of skin conditions and to keep them away.