Can Manuka Honey Help Your Sex Life?

Manuka honey is a plant-based extract from the edible honeycomb of the Manuka bush. It has long been a natural aphrodisiac for women and for men, especially in cultures where plants are commonly consumed. So how does it work as an aphrodisiac?

In medical terms, Manuka honey has been proven to be a potent and effective female sexual stimulant. The potent nature of this honey coupled with its ability to dissolve in the mucus layer within the vaginal wall makes it ideal to use in the vagina. Since it dissolves mucus, there is a lesser chance of irritation. And since mucus is responsible for lubrication during intercourse, it ensures that you will have a highly pleasurable and exciting time with your partner.

What makes it even more powerful and effective as a sexual enhancer is that it also contains other extremely powerful aphrodisiac properties. It is high in beta-sitosterol, lutein, and horny goat weed. Together, these components work together to stimulate your libido.

But what can you do to reap the benefits of Manuka honey? A lot of research has been conducted on this amazing honey and its ability to work for all kinds of problems. Some of the most common uses of this product include:

Most importantly, honey’s physical benefits make it a great aphrodisiac that can be used to treat many diseases and health conditions. Not only that, but it can also help alleviate symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, improve mood, improve energy levels, boost your immune system, improve circulation, promote weight loss, and improve sleep patterns.

All these things combined make it the perfect substance to use when you’re feeling down and de-motivated. There are also plenty of wonderful recipes you can find online that can help you cure any of the problems listed above and ensure that you feel better than ever before.

However, while using honey as a home remedy is one way to get some of the same effects, there are plenty of proven and successful home remedies that can give you the same benefits. Honey is naturally a very strong aphrodisiac. Its phytoestrogen content, which is an element found in the honey, is one of the strongest aphrodisiacs available.

Phytoestrogens are like the “turn-on” button for your body’s production of hormones. In other words, your body will crave more of these powerful chemicals if you intake this honey regularly.