Limited Edition Ultra-Premium ONE MANUKA HONEY 100% New Zealand Certified 20+ MGO 829+ MPC 80+ Artisanal Glass Jar 8oz


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ARTISINAL, SMALL BATCH, LIMITED-EDITION PRODUCTION. ONE Manuka is a small, family-owned enterprise. We do things the old-fashioned way and will never compromise on quality. While Manuka Honey has become big business, with the large corporate producers selling millions of dollars per year while answering to their shareholders, we are happy to stay small. The only shareholders we answer to are our family and you- our valued, ONE Manuka Honey-loving customer base.CERTIFIED MF 20+ GENUINE NEW ZEALAND MANUKA. Every precious batch of ONE Manuka Honey is independently tested and certified by a government registered, independent third-party laboratory. Lot 5418 proved to be one of the most potent releases of ONE Manuka Honey in recent history. Exceptionally high levels of Leptosperin, MGO and DHA were observed and a conservative Manuka Factor (MF 20+) / Methylglyoxal (MGO 829+) and Manuka Pollen Count (MPC 80+) rating was established for this lot.ALL-GLASS PACKAGING-NO PLASTIC. Most people would never accept a fine wine or premium spirit in a plastic bottle, neither would we. We believe Manuka Honey is one of the World’s best Superfoods and should only be delivered in world-class packaging- 100% safe ALL GLASS. Almost all industrially produced Manuka Honey is shipped in low cost, lightweight plastic tubs to save money on packaging and shipping costs. Although most claim to be BPA-free, many are not. Why risk taste or plastic contamination? ONE Manuka Honey is only available in a unique 100% safe GLASS honeycomb shaped jar.RAW MANUKA HONEY. Pure, Unpasteurized and Cold-Pressed- ONE Manuka Honey is delivered to you just as nature intended. Directly from our family farm to your family table, ONE Manuka Honey undergoes none of the commercial processing commonly associated with large scale corporate brands.PROVEN HEALTH BENEFITS. The numerous health benefits of Manuka Honey are well researched and documented. Manuka Honey is recommended by progressive health professionals worldwide.