9 Natural Remedies for Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s Foot, also known as tinea pedis, is a fungal skin infection that typically begins in between the toes. It triggers a scaly, scratchy breakout that might result to uncomfortable sensation or even pain. Luckily, there are natural remedies to help cure Athlete’s Foot.

We’ve noted the 9 most effective home remedies for Athlete’s Foot:

1. Dry and Clean Feet

The easiest and best way to deal with an Athlete’s Foot is to avoid it from occurring. Fungi can develop in dark, moist areas, making your feet an ideal place for Athlete’s Foot to develop, so keep them clean and completely dry.

2. Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil has antifungal qualities and has a great scent. You can apply the oil to the affected area every evening, massaging it into the Foot. Do this every evening for a minimum of a month.

3. Powder

Talc, corn starch, or baby powder job can be used to deal with Athlete’s Foot by keeping the area dry. This makes it challenging for the fungus to prosper and spread by keeping sweat and moisture controlled.

4. Sea Salt Foot Baths

Sea salt has reliable antibacterial and antifungal qualities, making it an excellent natural treatment for Athlete’s Foot and any problems it might cause. It may hinder the growth and spread of Athlete’s Foot. Try soaking your feet in warm water mixed with sea salt for 30 minutes.

5. Garlic

Garlic might have an unmistakable scent, but it can be a reliable topical therapy for Athlete’s Foot. To make use of garlic to deal with Athlete’s Foot, crush four to five cloves of garlic. Once crushed, scrub them over the affected location. Do this twice a day, daily.

6. Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol can aid in exterminating the fungi that get on the surface of the skin. You can use it by applying straight to the affected area or soak your feet in a footbath of 70% rubbing alcohol and 30% water for half an hour.

7. Neem Oil

Neem oil has extraordinary antifungal capabilities that can help combat Athlete’s Foot. This can likewise be handy for dealing with infections that develop under the toenails.

8. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has antibacterial and antifungal qualities, which is why it’s used to treat many fungal infections. A research found that daily application of tea tree oil could treat Athlete’s Foot and the fungi that cause it.

9. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can effectively eliminate fungi on the surface level of the foot, along with any surface area germs that might cause infections.