7 Effective Ways to Relieve Neck Pain

Neck and back pain can stop you dead in your tracks, affecting your job and even things that you enjoy. It takes the fun right out of your day. Day-to-day life isn’t kind to the neck. You might be all too familiar with the cramp you get when you hold the phone between your shoulder and your ear or the pressure you feel on your neck after working at your computer.

Below are 7 effective means to eliminate neck pain and discomfort:

1. Keep Your Prescription Glasses Updated

People tend to lean back or forward when their eyesight is bad, so you better keep your prescription eyeglasses up to date to avoid having to bend forward or backward.

2. Avoid Injury

This one is a little more obvious, yet it is a usual source of neck and back pain. Usually, Try taking your time when completing tasks as people tend to become more careless when they are in a hurry.

3. Move Around

It’s tough to reverse incorrect posture. However, if you stand up and move around every few hours, you’ll avoid getting your neck stuck in an less than ideal position for too long.

4. Ergonomic Changes are Necessary

Set your computer monitor at eye level so you can see it easily. Make use of the hands-free function on your phone or put on a headset. Prop your tablet computer on a pillow, so it sits at a 45 ° angle instead of existing flat on your lap.

5. Use The Right Amount of Pillows

Using too much pillow when you sleep can cause your neck to stiffen or lose some of it’s mobility. Try to sleep with only one pillow to keep the natural curve of your neck when you sleep.

6. Sleeping is Beneficial

Musculoskeletal discomfort can be a result of poor sleeping habits. Our body recovers whenever we sleep and this is beneficial not only for your neck or back but for a number of other functions as well.

7. Know Your Limits

Whether relocating furniture in your home or during your daily exercise, ensure that you listen to your body and stop when something doesn’t feel right.